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Vesania mp3 download (37 tracks)

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Album: Distractive Killusions mp3 download

Year: 2007
Artist: Vesania
Quality: High
Rating: StarStar

Vesania - Distractive Killusions album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Vesania - Narrenschyff.mp3 13.03 Mb download
2. Vesania - The Dawnfall (Hamartia And Hybris).mp3 11.09 Mb download
3. Vesania - Infinity Horizon.mp3 11.28 Mb download
4. Vesania - Rage Of Reason.mp3 12.85 Mb download
5. Vesania - Of Bitterness And Clarity.mp3 10.53 Mb download
6. Vesania - Silence Makes Noise (Eternity - The Mood).mp3 10.52 Mb download
7. Vesania - Hell Is For Children.mp3 10.77 Mb download
8. Vesania - Aesthesis.mp3 11.51 Mb download
9. Vesania - Distractive Cryscendo.mp3 3.98 Mb download

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Album: God The Lux mp3 download

Year: 2005
Artist: Vesania
Quality: High
Rating: StarStar

Vesania - God The Lux album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Vesania - Path I Rest In Pain.mp3 13.04 Mb download
2. Vesania - Path Ii Posthuman Kind.mp3 8.94 Mb download
3. Vesania - Path Iii Lumen Clamosum.mp3 3.70 Mb download
4. Vesania - Path Iv God The Lux.mp3 9.60 Mb download
5. Vesania - Path V Synchroscheme.mp3 12.79 Mb download
6. Vesania - Path Vi Phosphorror.mp3 9.32 Mb download
7. Vesania - Path Vii Lumen Funescum.mp3 2.71 Mb download
8. Vesania - Path Viii The Mystory.mp3 12.01 Mb download
9. Vesania - Path Ix Fireclipse.mp3 13.61 Mb download
10. Vesania - Path X Lumen Coruscum.mp3 0.99 Mb download
11. Vesania - Path Xii Legions Are Me.mp3 8.27 Mb download
12. Vesania - Path Xiii Inlustra Nigror.mp3 9.18 Mb download

Album: Firefrost Arcanum mp3 download

Year: 2003
Artist: Vesania
Quality: High
Rating: StarStarStarStar

Vesania - Firefrost Arcanum album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Vesania - Mystherion. Crystaleyes.mp3 9.74 Mb download
2. Vesania - Introit Algor.mp3 1.04 Mb download
3. Vesania - Nova Persei.mp3 15.46 Mb download
4. Vesania - Algorfocus Nefas.mp3 4.78 Mb download
5. Vesania - Marduke's Mazemerising.mp3 8.21 Mb download
6. Vesania - Moonthrone. Dawn Broken.mp3 16.99 Mb download
7. Vesania - Introit Focus.mp3 1.17 Mb download
8. Vesania - Daemoonion Act II.mp3 15.44 Mb download
9. Vesania - Introit Nefas.mp3 1.20 Mb download
10. Vesania - Dukedoom Black.mp3 17.02 Mb download

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Artist: Bill Withers
Song: Lean On Me

Sometimes in our lives
We all have pain
We all have sorrow
But if we are wise
We know that there's always tomorrow

Lean on me, when you're not strong
And I'll be your friend
I'll help you carry on
For it won't be long
'Til I'm gonna need
Somebody to lean on

Please swallow your pride
If I have things you need to borrow
For no one can fill those of your needs
That you won't let show

You just call on me brother, when you need a hand (Chorus)
We all need somebody to lean on
I just might have a problem that you'd understand
We all need somebody to lean on

Second Verse

If there is a load you have to bear
That you can't carry
I'm right up the road
I'll share your load
If you just call me
Call me (if you need a friend)
Call me (call me)
Call me (if you need a friend)
Call me (if you ever need a friend)
Call me (call me)
Call me
Call me (if you need A friend)

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